Read the excerpt from act 1 of A Doll’s House. Mrs. Linde: Yes, but your father gave you the necessary funds. Nora: [smiling] Yes, that is what Torvald and all the others think, but— Mrs. Linde: But— Nora: Papa didn't give us a shilling. It was I who procured the money. Mrs. Linde: You? All that large sum? Nora: Two hundred and fifty pounds. What do you think of that? Mrs. Linde: But, Nora, how could you possibly do it? Did you win a prize in the Lottery? Nora: [contemptuously] In the Lottery? There would have been no credit in that. Mrs. Linde: But where did you get it from, then? Nora: [humming and smiling with an air of mystery]. Hm, hm! Aha! Mrs. Linde: Because you couldn't have borrowed it. Nora: Couldn't I? Why not? Mrs. Linde: No, a wife cannot borrow without her husband's consent. Nora: [tossing her head] Oh, if it is a wife who has any head for business—a wife who has the wit to be a little bit clever— How does this excerpt best develop the theme that society places limits on the roles of women? 1.As a woman, Nora is supposed to do whatever it takes to save her husband, but she cannot act alone. 2.As a woman, Nora cannot borrow money, but she does so behind her husband’s back in order to save him. 3.As a woman, Nora cannot discuss money with men, so she does not reveal her actions to her husband. 4.As a woman, Nora is supposed to be flawless, so she must hide from her husband any mistake she makes.

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I would say the second one because she can’t borrow money with out her husbands concent. So she borrows the money behind his back.

In this excerpt from Act 1 of "A Doll's House", by Henrik Ibsen, the option that best develops the theme that society places limits on the roles of women is 2. As a woman, Nora cannot borrow money, but she does so behind her husband's back in order to save him. Society forbids Nora to ask for a loan. She asks for money to save his husband, but she cannot tell him because he would not accept it. So she has to face Krogstad's blackmail alone.

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is not necessary, just give me answer. Answer: 2. As a woman, Nora cannot borrow money, but she does so behind her husband’s back in order to save him.
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