In Lift Every Voice and Sing, which of the following best expresses the theme of the entire poem? Question 1 options: a) In order to maintain a healthy body and outlook, people should gather to walk and to sing as a way to encourage one another. b) A group of people who have a shared and difficult experience can move forward collectively toward a better future. c) It is necessary to enlist the help of people in power in order to achieve goals in a timely manner. d) Knowing what has occurred in the past can influence a group of people in developing better plans and goals.

Answers 2

The correct option is letter B as it demonstrates the difficulties experienced by the group throughout the poem and the fact that they have been able to move forward.

Option A is not possible because the focus of the poem is not singing with others, but to leave hardships behind.

Option C is incorrect because it is not specified in the poem that the group has goals to achieve in a timely manner.

Option D has some relevance, but again, the poem does not talk about having plans in a structured way, it is more about an intention of going forward in life without a defined set of goals.

AI generated Answer

b) A group of people who have a shared and difficult experience can move forward collectively toward a better future. The poem Lift Every Voice and Sing is a call to action to the African American community to come together and form a common bond so they can work towards freedom and justice. The poem encourages people to sing in unity to show their strength, and it also serves as motivation for the African American community to rise together and keep striving for their goals. The overall theme of the poem is that by uniting and being mindful of past experiences, a group of people can create a brighter future.
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